About the Brand

Zivame is India’s fastest-growing fashion e-commerce company which initially started out with lingerie e-commerce before extending into multiple categories and channels.The brand was founded in 2011 with the single aim of facilitating women to shop for intimate wear seamlessly. Zivame was acquired by Reliance Retail and has a valuation of around $100 million.


As the Primary focus was to help Zivame garner top Google search results, the following steps were taken.

  • Increase Non-Brand Sessions by 100%
  • Expand Their Audience by 70%
  • Increase in 1# keywords
  • Gain marketing share for various categories


Despite being a popular and well-known brand across the country. the brand found it difficult to rank on SERPs for niche categories. The other challenges included.

  • There was technical issues and errors that required attention.
  • Blog content was not optimized
  • Zivame was not in the top 5 in the categories in SERP


To Tackle mentioned roadblocks for Zivame and  well-formulated strategy which consisted of the below-mentioned points:

  • Rich Content Formulation
  • Focus on Technical SEO
  • Contextual Linking

Rich Content Formulation

Created rich content keeping in mind users and search engines.  The primary focus was on long-tail keywords to enhance SEO and user-friendliness. The implementation of this strategy resulted in improved keyword rankings for Zivame.

Focus on Technical SEO

Focus on Technical SEO and conducted a thorough website audit, checking over 250 technical points. The implementation of these recommendations improved the website’s technical aspects, leading to increased non-brand organic traffic.

Contextual Linking

In the process of identifying internal linking opportunities on the website. A detailed internal linking strategy, which improved internal linking and maximized crawling for bots, benefiting Zivame.


  • 93% -Ranking for #1 keywords increased
  • 10,000 Keywords ranked
  • 73% 73% New Users Increased

After all the strategies were perfectly executed, the following were the results.