Arihant Waterpark Equipment ranks its #1 Keyword in Google Search Engine

About the client

Arihant Waterpark Equipment is one of India’s B2B largest waterpark manufacturing companies with the focus and desire to provide the global attractions marketplace with highly innovative products and services.


The primary objective was to increase the number of keywords ranking in 1st position for Arihant via SEO in a period of four months. Apart from that, there were two more goals for the brand:

  • Increase non-branded clicks by 10% during the first four months of engagement
  • Increase organic sessions by 10% during the first four months of engagement

Identify the right keywords

  • Conducted thorough keyword research to identify the most valuable keywords for the business.
  • Based on the research, compiled a list of keywords, including both short-tail and long-tail Keyword variations.
  • Used competitor data to refine the keyword list further.
  • The search volume of each keyword was taken into account to understand its potential.
  • Evaluated the difficulty of ranking for each keyword.
  • The list was filtered to focus on high-value keywords.
  • Assigned the selected keywords to the most relevant pages on the website.
  • By targeting high and mid-value keywords strategically, we aimed to improve the website’s visibility and attract relevant traffic to drive business growth.

Analyzing user intent and organizing the site’s content

Ranking a website highly on search engines requires great and appropriate content. The key to ranking on Google is understanding the intent behind your target search term and creating content that fulfills it

Blog publishing related to the industry

blog is the greatest way to grow the website’s audience and traffic. It has the power to convert readers who already have an interest in the business to customers

Mobile Friendly Website

With Google rolling out the mobile-first indexing update at the time Decided to prioritize making the website mobile-friendly for both users and Googlebot and fixing a pivotal discrepancy between desktop and mobile versions, which helped the brand increase its mobile rankings and be better prepared as the update rolled out.

Contextual Internal Linking

For the best user experience and improved crawling of the relevant pages worked towards implementing internal contextual linking on the main category pages. Apart from that, blog sections were also used for internal linking to increase the crawling and page authority of the targeted pages.

Header, Title, and Meta Tag Optimization

Header tags were optimized to improve the Arihant website’s overall SEO performance. Title and meta descriptions were updated based on targeted primary and secondary keywords to improve the rankings. This further helped improve the non-branded clicks.


Within just 2 Months of continuous monitoring, content distribution, and SEO implementation, the brand saw over 3.98k growth in clicks and 311k Total Impressions.