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Karan Saddar

Marketing & Branding Strategist
OYO .Weddingz.in, Enkaptivate
7+ years of combined Marketing & Branding experience of working with national & international creators and brands.

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4000+ people from top global brands and startups have taken the growth hacking program and are killing it in their growth hacking journey 😁


Entrepreneurs who learn growth hacking have a huge edge over the ones who don’t understand the same. Grow and Scale Fast by implementing these growth hacking strategies.


Acquiring More Customers for your startup is a cakewalk if you understand growth hacking. Boost your knowledge with these strategies and get ahead of everyone else.

Freelancers & Solopreneurs

If you think growth hacking principles apply only to large organizations then you are wrong. You can use growth hacking to grow your small business real fast.

Product Managers

Smart Product Managers understand that Growth Hacking lies at the intersection of Product and Marketing. With this skill by your side, your ability to Manage a Product goes to another level.

Business Development & Sales Managers

Growth Hacking strategies don’t just help Marketing. These strategies help you close more deals and become exceptional at Sales.


Want to find an awesome job? Launch your start-up? Start your freelancing journey? Learn an in-demand skill and stay ahead of your peers.

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Frequently Ask Questions

I made the payment but I haven't received any email, what do I do?

Please write to: [email protected], our awesome support team will get back to you in 24 hours.

What are the prerequisites?

Common sense and an eagerness to learn are the only two prerequisites for you to be a growth hacking champion. Anyone with any or no experience in growth hacking can sign up!

I am new to Marketing/Growth Hacking, Will this be helpful for me?

100%. The program is for anyone who has the eagerness to learn about growth marketing and advertising.

Will these hacks be available on the internet?

Yes and No. You will be able to find some of the hacks out on the internet. But the difference here is the years of my experimentation and experience shared in the most organized manner + all of my own kick-ass growth experiments!

Still not convinced? No worries, I will see you in my retargeting ads.😁