Fast Fix got 50% organic growth in just 30 days.

Collaborated with Fast Fix to help them get more followers and engagement on their social media accounts. In just 30 days of collaborating, Fast-Fix saw a 50% growth in organic impressions and followers.

About the Brand

Fast Fix is a device repair company that repairs phones, iPhones, iPods, tablets, laptops, and computers. It is based in New Zealand and has several years of experience providing high-quality technical support and excellent customer service. Fast Fix provides lightning-fast service and only takes 10–20 minutes to fix your gadget with a 3-month warranty on the replaced component. Its same-day repair policy helps customers get their devices fixed on the same day. With over 15 years of experience in the field, a Fast Fix is definitely an option you should consider to get your device fixed

Brand Concern

Fast Fix struggled with slow follower growth and saw no community participation or activity on the page. The content and design were not up to the mark and didn’t flow well with the brand messaging. Fast Fix had not yet cracked any successful campaign that could bring them leads or following.


Social media is one such platform that can fill your CRM with leads. But, that’s only possible if you use it correctly. Our biggest challenge with Fast Fix was not that they had fewer followers, but their non-engaged audience. We had to encourage these users to interact with our account, keep them, and create curiosity to keep looking for more information on our account.


Coming with four major solutions that helped Fast Fix gain quite a lot of followers

#GagWithFastFix Campaign

Created this cool hashtag for Fast-Fix, where we discussed the most bizarre stories about how people have damaged or broken their phones and laptops with a touch of humor in a carousel format.

  • The content and design were beautifully executed to ensure the post looked appealing to the users. Descriptions were written specifically for the content of the posts, optimized for keywords and brand mentions.
  • We used a combination of low, medium, and highly used hashtags and store location tags were used differently in each post.
  • Our stories were also featured on the IG Explore page, bringing us to profile visits and followers.

Reels uploaded on Facebook and Instagram

Our reels were repurposed on Facebook and Instagram. We optimized our videos according to specific platforms. Every video had store location tags among other well-researched hashtags and was uploaded at a specific time (12.30 am to 1.30 am IST). As a result, we saw a massive increase in followers and likes.

For Facebook and Instagram, we were able to gain 5X and 10X more impressions, organically.

Facebook Engagement Campaign

Launched another cool Facebook like/engagement campaign on Facebook, encouraging people to like the Fast Fix page. The campaign turned out to be a success; the Fast Fix page doubled from 180 to 470+

We also received 15-20+ potential client inquiries and leads in the comments section.

Content Bucket

We experimented a lot with the content of Fast Fix.

Created a content bucket for Fast-Fix where we included a variety of content and designs like store images, customer reviews, what can be fixed, before and after images, accessories Info, memes, did you know? fun facts, giveaways, and special days.

This helped us create numerous pieces of content for the brand without making the audience feel bored with it. Doing this has also helped us gain more interaction and followers, with people of all kinds joining the Fast Fix community.


Organically got 5x impressions on Facebook and 10x on Instagram using NZ store location hashtags. Through our Facebook Page Like Campaign, we were able to double the number of Facebook page likes to 470+, and the client received more than 20 potential client inquiries and leads. could get 50% growth in organic impressions and followers in just 30 days.