Reduced Cost Per Lead By 40% & Generated 3x more leads- Facebook Ads Case Study

About the Brand

The client is India’s one-of-a-kind instrument learning platform that has taught over 4500 students, specializing in Guitar, Ukulele, and Keyboard. The brand stands for providing complete exposure to the child via triggering their creative abilities. Inclusive of their knowledge-based classes, the teachers play a crucial role in incorporating stage-performance training to improve a child’s confidence. Even with such influential training programs, the brand was facing some serious challenges.

Brand concern

  • When the brand reached out, they were struggling with two major dilemmas. First, they weren’t getting the required number of leads, and Cost Per Lead (CPL), was relatively high.
  • That means if they were to increase their leads, the cost per lead would automatically go up.
  • When collaboration started, our client received 40-50 leads a day with CPL as high as ₹230-260. And, to reach a decent conversion rate, they needed to solve this problem ASAP.


  • Digital marketing campaigns are a balance of quantity and quality. We got the highest number of leads that qualifies to be their ideal buyer.
  • So, before we could start, our first motive was to grasp their target audience, to understand their pain points and why they would want to enroll their child in our client’s instrument learning program.
  • Our second challenge was to drive traffic to the campaigns and collect more leads, but with a lower Cost Per Lead (CPL).


Our team came up with four major solutions that were to

Target the right people

  • Niche targeting is one such crucial factor that determines the success of a campaign.
  • So, if you are launching ads to please everyone, that means you please no one.
  • For our clients, their ideal buyers resided in tier-1 metro cities where online classes were acceptable as a learning resource.
  • Besides, we also focused on a few bigger cities in tier-2, to keep the lead quality in place.
  • We made ads for parents who were in the upper-middle-class category.
  • These parents prefer to send their children to ICSE and IB schools and encourage them to learn different co-curricular activities, including music.
  • As we knew our target audience, creating a targeted ad became simpler.

Launched personalized ads

  • Undoubtedly, personalized ads perform better any day.
  • Statistically, 80% of consumers go with brands that provide them with a personalized experience.
  • And, we want to incorporate this buying psychology in our ads.
  • We quickly changed the obsolete static ads with video content, incorporating story-telling for it to outperform.
  • We have seen that video scripts perform at least 1200% better than any other content.
  • The ads launched were made in sync with the desires of our targeted audience.
  • Our team focused on highlighting what our client’s Edtech program can do for their kids, not just adding some product descriptions in the captions.
  • We made sure to involve the parents emotionally by making videos in both English and Hindi language.
  • The ads included children playing famous Bollywood songs that triggered parents to make the first move.

Created a video awareness campaign

  • Another misconception among Indian parents is that they think music is just another pastime activity
  • Wanted to break through this mentality by launching a video awareness program.
  • It was done to make parents aware of the benefits of teaching music to students.
  • We made sure parents understood that music and studies could go hand-in-hand.
  • We incorporated community interactions, concerts, and other fun events in our video ads, where both parents and students were participating. T
  • his way, parents understood how good their children were in this field, and the students found out about their passion for playing instrumental music.

It was a win-win situation

Adopted A/B testing

  • Digital marketing campaigns are never complete without testing different marketing tactics.
  • We did a lot of testing with the creatives. Our team launched at least 1-2 creatives per week to understand the best-performing ad.
  • We included important questions in the lead form to improve the lead quality, like whether they have a musical instrument along with their age.
  • We continuously tried new interest targeting and updated lookalike audience sheets.
  • Our team incorporated multiple marketing techniques to help our client reach their target audience- faster.


Now is the final reveal time. Let’s first revise where we started and what we did. The Client is an online platform that provides instrumental training in Guitar, Ukulele, and keyboard. Their primary concern was the inadequate supply of leads and its high cost. To solve this problem, the following measure –

  • Identifying and targeting only ideal clients.
  • Launching personalized ads.
  • Focusing more on benefits and not blabbering only about the product.
  • Created a video awareness program to help parents understand the importance of music in a child’s life.
  • Did the A/B test get the best results?
  • Tripled their lead generation from 40-50 to 120-130 leads per day.
  • The Cost Per Lead (CPL) was lowered by 40%. It was previously ₹230-260 to less than ₹150. The total cost was reduced by ₹100.
  • Bridged the gap between the brand and its audience.
  • Did remarketing and got cheaper leads from them consistently.

Besides, that’s not it. These were the measurable metrics. However, when we launch a campaign, our major focus lies on improving the brand image and making it aware in front of its audience. Having a personal touch in your ad campaigns is always fruitful in the long run.