Bhumi Organic

About the Brand

Bhumi Organic is one of the leading natural foods filled with goodness, which has harnessed this love to create products available in their purest and natural form, made from naturally procured ingredients.

Brand Concerns

The main problem was the client was not able to generate leads and fewer orders and lack awareness on their lead generation channels Facebook, and Instagram, and to increase the brand visibility


  • After auditing the ad account and running multiple sets of test ads with different types of audiences and content we understood that the problem was with ad copy and ad content and it was presented.
  • We focused on running ads in different formats, carousels, videos, and single images with different customer pain points.
  • testing out multiple content sets we have understood that our target audience responds well to video ads instead of a single image and carousel ads. Adding a voice-over to the video showed a huge hike in customer engagement and we were able to reduce the lead cost by 50%.


The total ad spent was INR 89,0000.00 and we were able to convert the sale of 3335479.00. Helped the client to generate 3x business through online marketing camping in 13 days.