9 Effective Tips to Boost Sales on Meesho


Improving Sales on Meesho, the platform that has empowered over 4 lakh businesses to thrive online, offers immense growth opportunities. Whether you have a small or large, branded or unbranded business, Meesho can be the catalyst for your success. However, with the ever-increasing competition, it’s important to employ effective strategies to increase your sales on Meesho. In this article, we will share nine valuable tips to help you reach more customers and boost your product sales on Meesho. Let’s dive in!

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9 Effective Tips to Boost Sales on Meesho Store

Sales on Meesho

Step 1:  Upload a Higher Number of Catalogues

To attract customers to your Meesho store, it is crucial to have a wide variety of products. Customers enjoy browsing through different options before making a purchase decision. Carefully choose your products and ensure you offer ample variety.

For instance, if you specialize in selling sports equipment, consider including accessories such as gloves and shoes.

If you offer sarees, also stock kurtas and other women’s garments. The more diverse your catalog is, the better the chances of customers buying from you.

Step 2: Keep Competitive Product Pricing

Setting the right price for your products is essential to increase sales on Meesho. It’s important to align your pricing with that of your competitors. Greedy can be counterproductive to your growth. If customers find your product elsewhere for a lower price, they may hesitate to purchase from you.

Conduct market research by exploring different Meesho stores and analyzing their product pricing. If possible, offer a lower price while still maintaining a reasonable profit margin. Additionally, keep your overhead costs at a minimum and find ways to control expenses.

Step 3: Add Multiple Images of Products

To provide customers with a comprehensive understanding of your products, it’s best to include multiple images from different angles. Capturing various perspectives helps customers visualize the product and assess its features accurately. Ensure that the products are placed on a white or simple background to enhance the professionalism of your product images.

You can also utilize online photo editing tools like Canva to add brief product information to the images. By providing all the necessary details at a glance, you can significantly increase the likelihood of customers making a purchase.

Step 4: Focus on Attractive Product Packaging

The packaging of your products plays a vital role in creating a positive impression on customers. When a customer receives a product in attractive packaging, they are more likely to make repeat purchases from your store.

Go the extra mile by adding thoughtful elements to your packaging. Consider inserting a hand-written “Thank You” card or including some fun stickers as a small surprise.

These simple gestures can leave a lasting impression and encourage customers to recommend your store to others.

Step 5: Power of Social Media Promotion

To reach a broader customer base, it is essential to promote your Meesho store on social media platforms. While you don’t have to be present on every platform, focus on the ones where your target audience is most active.

Facebook is an ideal choice for connecting with diverse customer segments. Through posts and targeted ad campaigns, you can effectively showcase your products to potential customers.

Additionally, explore platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to expand your reach. Experiment and identify the platforms that work best for your business.

Step 6:  Run Ads on Meesho

Running ads on Meesho is an excellent strategy to increase sales in your store. Meesho Ads allow your products to be prominently displayed above other product listings, boosting their visibility.

By utilizing Meesho Ads, you can ensure that your products are in front of your target audience at the right time.

Leverage the performance tracking features Meesho Ads offers to make data-driven decisions and optimize your advertising campaigns.

Step 7: Sign Up for Next Day Dispatch (NDD) Program

The Next Day Dispatch (NDD) program offered by Meesho can significantly improve your sales prospects. When you signup for the NDD program, your products receive a badge indicating that they will be shipped the very next day. This instills confidence in prospective customers and encourages them to place orders with you.

By participating in the NDD program, your product catalogs will appear at the top of the listings, increasing their visibility. Additionally, faster dispatch can help reduce order cancellations and returns, further improving customer satisfaction.

Step 8: Watch Seller Panel Analytics

Analytics play a crucial role in e-commerce success, including on Meesho. By regularly monitoring your sales performance through the Seller Panel analytics, you can gain valuable insights.

Identify which catalogs are selling well and which ones require improvement. Analyzing the data can reveal trends and patterns that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Leverage the power of analytics to identify the most effective tweaks and promotional strategies. Make it a habit to check your Seller Panel regularly to stay informed about your store’s performance and take proactive steps to optimize it.

Step 9: Explore Different Product Categories

The visibility of your products can vary depending on the categories they are listed under. It’s worth experimenting with different categories to increase exposure and attract more customers.

For instance, if you sell sports shoes for kids, consider listing them under both the “Sports Shoes” and “Kids Footwear” categories. Similarly, wallets can be listed under “Men Accessories” or “Men Wallets.” By testing different category placements, you can identify the best fit for your product catalog and potentially boost your Meesho store’s sales.

Wrapping it Up 

Meesho has provided countless individuals with the opportunity to establish and grow their online businesses. However, the growing competition demands proactive strategies to stand out and increase sales. By implementing the tips mentioned in this article, you can drive more customers to your Meesho store and boost your sales effectively. It’s time to put your strategy into action and watch your store flourish.

FAQs about how to Boost Sales on Meesho store

1. How can I increase sales on Meesho?

To boost sales on Meesho, consider implementing the following strategies: Upload a higher number of catalogs with a wide variety of products. Keep competitive product pricing aligned with your competitors. Add multiple high-quality images of products from different angles. Focus on attractive product packaging to leave a lasting impression. Leverage social media promotion to reach a broader customer base. Run ads on Meesho for increased visibility. Sign up for the Next Day Dispatch (NDD) program to enhance customer confidence. Leverage Seller Panel analytics to gain valuable insights. Explore different product categories to increase exposure.

2. How important is pricing for increasing sales on Meesho?

Pricing plays a crucial role in driving sales on Meesho. It is essential to set competitive prices that align with your competitors while maintaining a reasonable profit margin. Conduct market research to understand the pricing trends and offer occasional discounts or promotional offers to attract customers.

3. Can social media promotion help in increasing Meesho sales?

Yes, social media promotion can significantly boost your Meesho sales. Establish a strong presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where your target audience is active. Share engaging content, showcase your products, and interact with your followers to build brand awareness and attract more customers.

4. How does the Next Day Dispatch (NDD) program benefit my Meesho store?

The NDD program offered by Meesho provides several advantages. When you enroll in the program, your products receive a badge indicating that they will be shipped the very next day. This instills confidence in customers, encourages them to place orders, and improves the visibility of your product catalog on Meesho. Additionally, faster dispatch reduces order cancellations and returns, enhancing customer satisfaction.

5. How can Seller Panel analytics help improve my Meesho sales

Seller Panel analytics is a valuable tool for tracking and analyzing your sales performance on Meesho. By regularly monitoring the analytics, you can identify the catalogs that are selling well and those that require improvement. This data-driven insight helps you make informed decisions, optimize your promotional strategies, and improve your overall sales performance.

6. Is it beneficial to explore different product categories on Meesho?

Yes, exploring different product categories on Meesho can be advantageous. By listing your products under relevant and popular classes, you increase their visibility and improve the chances of attracting customers. Test different category placements to find the most suitable ones for your product catalog and optimize your Meesho store's sales potential.