A 20x Growth in Leads with Tiny, Little Google Ad Tweaks

Small changes can bring big impacts they say. I ran 5 new Google Ad campaigns for a B2B SaaS platform. What a journey it was! Iconstantly made small tweaks in the ad campaign parameters. These helped us improve the number of clicks (by 8x) and leads (by 20x) compared to the previous month.

The CPL (Cost per Lead) also came down to almost half of the industry’s average.

About the Brand

LokiBots is a platform that helps you to create a bot and schedule it to automate repetitive computer tasks, so you give your attention to high-value tasks and business collaborations

Our Challenge

Our primary goal was to increase the number of leads received from Google Ads. We did; a spectacular performance, we’ll say. Another goal of these campaigns was to achieve 10 AQLs (Automation Qualified Leads), which we had never achieved earlier.

The Ultimate Solution

Focused on targeting remarketing audience

Planned five new campaigns for the month: 2 Search campaigns and 3 Display campaigns. Our first business was to focus exclusively on the Remarketing audience. It put us in a position of better conversion. So, we altered the audience that was set up during the previous campaigns and implemented the changes in the new campaigns.

Changed the campaign bidding strategy

The next thing I took care of was the bidding strategy for the Search campaigns. We changed to Manual CPC from Automated Bidding and changed the target CPC according to the results. It helped us have better control over the campaign budget.

Used Custom Audience for Display ads

Another thing I decided was to set a Custom Segment audience for the Display campaigns. For this purpose, we targeted competitors’ keywords and competitors’ website visitors.

Filtered high-conversion terms for Search ads

For the Search campaigns, we launched a new Ad group focused on high-conversion terms. We used search terms that got converted as leads. It helped us discover new keyword opportunities and gave us better reach and conversions overall.

Audited search reports daily

We didn’t stop after setting the parameters. We constantly audited the Search terms report on a daily basis. It helped us in identifying irrelevant keywords, which we kept setting as Negative Keywords for the campaign.

The Result

The campaign brought 81 leads, 20x higher than the previous count of 4. From these 81 leads, we achieved 9 AQLs, which was zero earlier. We also lowered the average CPL to $163. It’s almost half the industry-standard lead cost of around $300-$350.