Increasing Conversion Rate By 70% For A Leading Medical Technology Brand

Lead generation changed dramatically as a result of COVID-19, with B2B buyers and sellers having to rely on digital now more than ever. Digital shift is here to stay and businesses must adapt to digital-first lead generation strategies to improve conversion rates

Our Media team was challenged by this and set forth using digital channels to improve lead generation for a leading medical technology brand and it’s offering – the hearing technology. With the relevant insights and a three-phased approach, Schbang combined the best-in-class lead generation tools, engagement approaches, and creatives to achieve this feat!

Digital-First Approach

First, we enlisted the help of paid marketing by implementing the use of key lead generation tools i.e. Google Ads and Facebook Retargeting. Through Google Ads, we were able to create multiple ad groups and respective ad copies that helped drive more traffic to the brand by taking the users to the most relevant page.

Then, we remarketed using Facebook Retargeting, a tool that reaches audiences and potential leads that are familiar with the product, having already visited their website.

Growing Audience Engagement, Virtually

Next, along with the performance-heavy Google Ads and Facebook campaigns, we also led weekly webinars that emphasize the importance of early intervention  a message that the brand wanted to promote to their audiences. 

This virtual engagement opportunity was coupled with Facebook Lead Ads, a tool that makes the lead generation process easy by collecting information (via an Instant Form) about people that are interested in the brand’s products. 

This helped us generate leads with higher intent which leads to better conversion opportunities

Creativity & Inclusivity

The step further taken through relevant, creative pieces that resonated with audiences across India by considering location-based language

The Outcome

Through these tactics, we succeeded in our challenge, generating an average conversion rate of 24% from December 2020 to date that nearly doubled the brand’s pre-COVID conversion of 14%.

After learning this, the data demonstrates that intent-driven decisions garner greater conversions during the pandemic and by using the right tools, brands can achieve greater digital lead generation and customer engagement

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